What is Streaming Media?

What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media refers to continuous multimedia streaming that doesn’t require an intermediate storage. The term “streaming” media” can be classified according to two categories it’s delivery strategies and its content. Streaming has become a well-known method to stream live videos over the Internet. free8k becoming the most popular method of delivery in a range of apps.

streaming media is a kind of audio and video media that is delivered via the Internet in a compressed form and then played by the user’s device after it is received. It’s a viable alternative to downloading media files , which can take several hours. Instead, it’s transmitted continuously via the internet.

Streaming Media allows users to pause or rewind, and then quickly move forward content. It doesn’t affect the data’s order and can be delivered and received based on the network’s availability. Streaming Media was popularized in late 1990s when new technology in the network allowed for faster speeds. This is vital for Streaming Media functionality.

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